I Want to say that...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
I'll miss all this.
I'd met people, I'd fell in love, I'd cried,
and now I have to go. This is taking me to the tears again.
What is going on here?
First I have to understand myself and than
I'll see what consequences my choice brings.
Is there another way
to be happy, thinking about be worry with
my future without think about the present?
Do you can answer that?

I'll miss you. I hope you miss me too.
You are the first that took me that far

Rette Mich

"Zum ersten mal alleine
in unserem Versteck
ich seh noch unsre Namen an der Wand
und wisch sie wieder weg
ich wollt dir alles anvertraun
warum bist du abgehaun
Komm zurück
nimm mich mit..."

Tokio Hotel